poem 11.22.2018

Remember by Jo Harjo Remember the sky that you were born under,know each of the star’s stories.Remember the moon, know who she is.Remember the sun’s birth at dawn, that is thestrongest point of time. Remember sundownand the giving away to night.Remember your birth, how your mother struggledto give you form and breath. You are evidence [...]

poem 7.5.2018

Remember That to have the eyes of an artist, That can be enough, The ear of a poet, That can be enough. The soul of a human just pointed in the direction of the divine, that can be more than enough. I tell you this to remind myself. Every gesture is an act of creation. [...]

poem 4.26.2018

Bridal March, Part II: Threshing & Sifting by Laura M Kaminski Not too surprising: doctor grounded me from driving, from really using that shoulder in much of any way. Told me not to roll over on it in my sleep, recommended sleeping upright, more or less, in some sort of chair. Five weeks. Stuck in [...]

poem 2.16.2018

A Poem for My Daughter by Teddy Macker It seems we have made pain some kind of mistake, like having it  is somehow wrong.  Don’t let them fool you— pain is a part of things.  But remember, dear Ellie,  the compost down in the field: if the rank and dank and dark  are handled well, [...]